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Making people happier
by Mark Smith

Clearly in order to make someone you don’t know happy you need to know what made them sad! For us sadness comes from poor customer experiences, you know the kind of thing, you've spent ages choosing something – you've parted with your hard won cash, you've enjoyed the chat on the phone with the sales guy – or maybe the website was just so intuitive and friendly you just pressed ‘pay now’. Then nothing. Zip. Nada. The good experience turns onto a bad experience as your custom is handed from the sales silo to the next silo along and no one keeps you in the loop...

Our company was created with the singular purposes of making customers happier.

There are hundreds of reasons for the silence that follows from a purchase. Sometimes, though rarely, the company doesn’t care.

Most of us aren’t like that though – most people in most companies really do care and are passionate about their work. In all probability the problem is with culture and (your) data. The culture bit is a challenge, many retail brands spend fortunes on sales and marketing, making you take notice in a crowded world is hard and costs lots. Trouble is it costs so much that companies have to take a hard-nosed attitude towards the costs of servicing a customer. So the people with responsibility for making sure the stuff you want turns up, is installed, serviced or that you meet up with who you want to meet up with, do this with a very tight budget. To save money call centres are pared down, service engineers might be out-sourced, deliveries handed onto someone else and all of this means that (your) data might not quite end up with who needs it.

But as the customer you don’t care about all this, all you want is to know what’s going on.

So that’s where we come in. We take all the data needed to make sure that you are kept in the loop. That messages are sent that ask you if it’s convenient to turn up tomorrow, and when that happens we ask if it all went okay and give you a chance to share your experience to help our clients learn and do it even better next time. We do that using lots of business rules that mean we don’t pester you, we don’t wake you up, we don’t make you cross – and in fact ideally we make you smile – because we wrote to you by name, about the stuff you want, at a time that suited and whenever you said ‘no’ we made sure that we helped get things changed so that you ended up happy.

Now this simple desire to communicate is not easy, lots of complicated (and secure) methods are used to make sure that we take the utmost care of (your) data, and that when you reply, your message gets to the right person as fast as possible. Not only that but we communicate across lots of different channels (SMS, automated phone call, e-mail, app or social) to make sure you get the message and have a chance to reply. That way we stand a chance of reaching 100% of our customer’s customers.

So if we make your day just a little bit better then we’re happy – especially as we do this with millions of people a year and a happy customer of our customer means all of us are happy customers!

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