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for Logistics

Better managed complex deliveries through proactive customer conversation, yielding better business outcomes.

49% Reduction in contact center agent demand
50% More successful delivery and installation rates
6 We can set up a market trial in 6 weeks. Talk is cheap, proof is better!

ContactEngine adds value wherever you have more complicated requirements than simply delivering a parcel. For complex 2-man deliveries and installations, ContactEngine proactive conversations will:

  • Gather crucial pre-delivery information for your delivery/installation teams
  • Ensure the customer will be onsite for the appointment and knows what to expect
  • Gather customer feedback to input back into your CRM systems

Where ContactEngine fits in

Logistics Engagement

Better pre-delivery engagement

There’s no getting around it. For some deliveries you simply have to engage your customer ahead of time in order to ensure the best outcomes. ContactEngine consistently outperforms contact centers with some clients seeing successful engagement rates rise to >85%.

ContactEngine has the ability to flex to the customer’s communication channels of choice, progressing the delivery conversation simply and effectively.

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Logistics Info

Better pre-delivery information

You may require different information for different types of deliveries. Whether it’s site access requirements, wiring layouts, or cooker hot zone specifications, ContactEngine’s ‘configuration not code’ approach makes these conversations easy to set up, so that both your customer and your delivery team is well briefed before the day, making the best use of everyone’s time.

We also know that many times customers place multi-item orders, and these products can come from many different places. ContactEngine provides one streamlined conversation for multi-product orders so that everything is managed in the same place. Better for your customers, better for your agents.

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Logistics Outcome

Better customer outcomes

Where complex information is needed to ensure a smooth delivery and installation process, from availability to accessibility, ContactEngine excels by gathering more detailed information through in-conversation multi-channel forms, such as voice, text and web, to ensure the delivery team is well briefed enough to complete the delivery and installation in one visit.

The result? Lower costs + happier customers = what’s not to like?

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